CopperTide : Contemporary Enamel Jewelry by Annie Grimes Willams
Autumn Neckpiece (Detail)Spring Neckpiece (Detail)Three Leaf Pendant
CommissionJingle Shell NeckpieceBetta NeckpieceReef NeckpieceTriangle Reef Bowl SetRed Reef BowlAnemone BowlsFold Formed Enamel BowlsIncendiaryThis RiftThis Rift (Detail)Self Portrait : The Origin of LoveSelf Portrait : The Origin of Love (Detail)Flower VesselWavesIn the Round
As time goes on, my work evolves. Here are some throwbacks to some pieces I really enjoyed making on my 15+ year journey in metalamithing.

These are works from others' collections, as well as my own. So, unfortunately, I can't sell you these. But if you see something you're just dying to have, shoot me an email, and we'll see what we can do about working out a commission for your own collection!