Annie Grimes Williams : CopperTide Fine Metalwork and Enameling
Autumn Neckpiece (Detail)Spring Neckpiece (Detail)Three Leaf Pendant
CommissionJingle Shell NeckpieceBetta NeckpieceReef NeckpieceTriangle Reef Bowl SetRed Reef BowlAnemone BowlsFold Formed Enamel BowlsIncendiaryThis RiftThis Rift (Detail)Self Portrait : The Origin of LoveSelf Portrait : The Origin of Love (Detail)Flower VesselWavesIn the Round
As time goes on, my work evolves. Here are some throwbacks to some pieces I really enjoyed making on my 15+ year journey in metalamithing.

These are works from others' collections, as well as my own. So, unfortunately, I can't sell you these. But if you see something you're just dying to have, shoot me an email, and we'll see what we can do about working out a commission for your own collection!