Annie Grimes Williams : CopperTide Fine Metalwork and Enameling
Marshland Neckpiece
Copper, Enamel, Sterling Silver
This piece features a new technique I have fallen in love with - torch-fired liquid enamel! The pods are each about 5" long and are attached at either end of a sterling silver chain. It's meant to be worn scarf-style by wrapping the chain around the neck and twisting the ends to nestle in front of the chest.
The pods are enameled on the interior with white liquid enamel. The colors you see are produced by torch firing the enamel again after kiln firing. This draws the oxides from the copper up through the enamel and creates beautiful patterns and colors depending on hot hot the flame is and how thick the layer of enamel on the piece is. It's a somewhar predictable unpredictability, and I am IN LOVE! Stay tuned for more from this series!

If you have any questions or would like to purchase this piece or a piece in this style, please contact me!
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