Annie Grimes Williams : CopperTide Fine Metalwork and Enameling
Pod Bracelet in Oriental Coral
Copper, Enamel
This bracelet is formed by hand from a single sheet of thin gauge copper so that it is lightweight but sturdy. The technique for forming is called Anticlastic Raising, which means that the curves of the metal actually go against each other so that while forming around the wrist, it also curls outward to form a seam around the outside of the piece. Once formed, I use a briliant red "oriental coral" enamel inside the flared ends of the pod to give it a beautiful bright pop of color. The exposed copper is then treated with an oxidizing patina for a chromey-black finish.

Rather than slipping the bracelet on over your hand like a traditional bangle, this bracelet "screws" onto the wrist by slipping the wrist in through the offset pod ends and twisting. This prevents potential distortion of the metal through wear.

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If you love the design of this piece, but would prefer a different color enamel, please send me a message here, and I'll be glad to make you a custom piece - at no additional cost!
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